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Self Help Techniques to Help Overcome Dental Phobia in New York

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Estimations show that about 35 million Americans are afraid to go to the dentist. About 9-20% are so discouraged by their fear that they actually avoid going altogether. Dental phobia can be so strong that it may cause physical symptoms such as a pounding heart, nausea, diarrhea, trembling, feeling lightheaded and panic attacks. We all know that it is important to go to the dentist, however, dental phobia often impedes people to do so.

At Smile in the City in New York, we understand how difficult dental phobia can be. This is why we dedicate ourselves to making you feel comfortable and calm so we can support your dental health. Dr. Schmidt and her caring professional staff of NY dental phobia experts have helped thousands of people overcome their fear of visiting our dental office. Following, we share our best self-help techniques to overcome dental phobia.

Choose a NY dentist you feel comfortable with

Dental phobia can be related to many things. The fear of pain, the fear of finding out that your teeth are in bad shape, the fear of repeating a bad experience from the past, or the fear of losing control. When it comes to the last two reasons, you are actually in more control than you think. While you may have had a bad experience in the past, keep in mind that you have the power to choose your dentist. You are in complete control to choose a dentist you trust and feel comfortable with. Take the time to meet your dentist and ask questions. At Smile in the City, we specialize in helping patients overcome dental phobia in New York and transform your visit to our office into a positive experience.

Talk about your fears

Fear is a difficult emotion to live with. As long as you feel afraid, you will feel blocked to take action. Even if you know it is important, dental phobia may prevent you from going to your dentist regularly. The more you think about your fear, the bigger it gets. As long as you don’t talk about it and keep it inside, the fear will grow and may even become more irrational. So our advice is to start talking about it. You have no reason to feel ashamed or embarrassed, millions of Americans feel the same way you do. One way to start talking about it is to book a consultation with a professional NY dentist you feel comfortable with. Explain why you feel afraid and consult your dentist about the possibility of overcoming dental phobia. It is possible to make your dental appointment a more positive experience. Here you can find more tips on how to talk to your dentist about your fears.

Techniques to manage your anxiety

Some helpful techniques to manage your anxiety are: deep breathing, visualization, and writing. Keeping yourself calm by breathing deep has an instant relaxing effect. Visualization is another technique that can work well. Instead of focussing on doom scenarios of what might go wrong, try to focus on all the beneficial aspects of going to the dentist and taking care of your health. A third technique is writing about your fears. Being more conscious about why you are scared will help you find the right solutions with your dentist to overcome dental phobia in New York. Here you can find more techniques on managing your anxiety at the dentist. For assisting a child with dental phobia, take a look at the article: Ways to Ease Dental Phobia in Children.

How can Smile in the City help me overcome dental phobia in New York?

Our highly skilled staff at Smile in the City specializes in treating patients who are afraid to go to the dentist. Our NY dental phobia experts are understanding and will listen to you without any judgment so you can feel safe and comfortable. We pride ourselves in transforming a dental visit into a positive experience. Every detail of our NY office has been carefully created to make you feel comfortable and help you to overcome dental phobia in New York. We provide a stress free environment with the soothing, clean design of our waiting room, scheduling flexibility outside standard office hours, soft music during a consultation, and the option of watching TV during your treatment. Feel free to book a consultation today to meet our caring professionals.

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