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How to Talk to Your Dentist About Your Fears

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Does the thought of going to the dentist make you weezy, anxious or panicked? Do you find yourself rescheduling your appointments or making your oral health a lower priority? If you do, you may suffer from dental phobia. You may be surprised, but dental phobia is a very common issue, so you are not alone if you are anxious about a dentist visit. The thought of a dentist probing your mouth with dental tools can trigger understandable feelings of vulnerability. But we are here to help you. At Smile in the City, we work with many patients who fear the dentist. Our experienced staff understands dental phobia and can help our patients stay calm and safe during all visits. Here is some advice about how to talk to your dentist about your fears.

Find a Dentist That is Right For You

If you know you suffer from dental phobia or just struggle with going to the dentist, find a practice with expertise in the area. At our New York office, we specialize in treating patients who fear the dentist and have helped many patients get the services they need. Finding an understanding dental staff and office that makes you feel comfortable and safe, where you can openly discuss your fears, is very important. Feeling heard and understood, without any feeling of judgment, makes for a great experience at the dentist.

Communicate All Fears and Anxieties

Remember you are not the only person who is frightened by the dentist, so do not be afraid or embarrassed to let your dentist or hygienist know. When first calling the dentist, it can be helpful to let the staff know about your concerns and anxieties. Communicating your fears before the appointment gives the dentist a chance to ease your concerns right away, giving you the attention you need. During the appointment, you and your dentist may be able to agree on signals to indicate “stop” or “I’m okay” or develop other strategies to help you have a successful visit. Having this open communication with your dentist will help reduce anxiety and build trust with your dentist. Finding a dentist you are comfortable with can help you gradually reduce your fears and make the dentist a less terrifying place.

Discuss Sedation Options

You may also discuss with your dentist the various options of sedation. You can ask what they offer and what could be the best option for you. Sedation helps calm and relax patients during their treatments. Patients wake up with no pain or memories of the procedure. Some sedation options are: local anesthesia, nitrous oxide or IV sedation. Smile in the City, offers IV sedation to our patients who suffer from dental phobia or wish to be sedated during their procedures. We have a skilled and experienced staff who administer the sedations.

If you suffer from dental phobia, the dentists at Smile in the City are here to help. In our New York office, we specialize in treating patients with dental phobia and make every visit as stress-free and easy as we can. We care about easing your fears and your oral health. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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