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Generalist Vs. Specialist

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Would You Rather See a Generalist Or a Specialist?

The difference between a generalist and specialist is training. A general dentist gets his or her degree from the Dental school. As a rule, general dentists offer a scope of procedures, from minor fillings to simple root canals.

In today’s world of dentistry, there have been so many advances that no dentist can do it all very well; that’s why there are specialists who choose particular areas of dentistry to master. While an experienced general dentist can provide quality treatment, he or she is typically a Jack-of-all-trades, master of none. Specialists are the masters—but only of one or two highly specialized things.

To become a dental specialist, a dentist chooses a specialty. For example, it could be periodontics, prosthodontics, endodontics, or orthodontics. Then, after completing dental school, the dentist completes additional selective processes to be accepted into the chosen specialty.

Every specialist undergoes two to three years of additional training to complete the specialty work: this is full-time training that involves working with actual patients. That way, when a specialist is done with training, he or she not only has academic but also experiential knowledge. That is how specialists master certain areas of dentistry: they hone their skills in real-world situations with real patients. Their experience doesn’t come only from the theoretical but also from the practical, working in the trenches with patients who have real problems and real fears. Each specialist is a master of something different.

When you see a team of specialists, you can be more comfortable with the plan to restore your teeth, knowing that treatments are done appropriately and expertly, with an overall concept of what will work best to restore your teeth, oral health, and confidence.

Specialists can treat any case in their chosen field, regardless of age, background, or dental condition, because all the different patients have certain commonalities. That’s why specialists are the best resources for transforming your smile no matter the condition, and they know how to give you back your smile, youth, and confidence.

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